Become an Advertiser

Promote your business on print and digital screen edges using Edge Media’s unique advertising platform.

Screen Edge Advertising: How Does It Work?

Becoming an Advertiser means your brand is at the top of the consumers mind. With digital screens capturing aggregated attention, our Advertising platform allows your brand extended periods of time in front of the consumer, without interrupting their engagement. In an “attention economy” everyone is fighting for your finite attention. Place your AD, where the attention is already captured!

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The Benefits of Screen Edge Advertising

Advertising Locations

Advertise in locations such as: collegiate stadiums, retail stores, bars, restaurants, airports, gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters and specialty medical offices.

What Types of Displays are Available in Edge Locations?

We specialize in static print or digital advertising adjacent to electronic visual displays in the United States & Canada.

Display Types:

  • Televisions
  • Tablets
  • Registers
  • POS Systems
  • Any and all digital displays

Advertising Pricing & Packages

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