High Performing Screen Edge Marketing for Optimally-Placed Out of Home Advertising

Transform the edge of any digital screen into an uninterrupted, low-cost, advertising platform for brand awareness and promotions.

Who is Edge Media Systems

Edge Media Systems sells and licenses optimally placed screen adjacent spaces to brands that want to engage, target, and connect with consumers. By utilizing the space around screens for persistent, low-cost advertisements, we reach audiences in a wide variety of innovative locations in spaces where they are already captivated and engaged.

Mockup graphic of a screen that shows what screen edge advertising looks like.

Our Patented Technology Turns the Space Adjacent to Digital Screens Into Revenue-Producing Advertising Space

Take advantage of the unique range of displays available.


POS System

In-Store Displays

Menu Boards


Commercial Kiosks


The average person's attention span.

Out-of-Home Advertising is more important than ever

Between 2016 and 2023, global digital out-of-home industry is marked to grow from $3.6 Billion to $8.4 Billion. Why the massive growth? Effective, flexible, dynamic, engaging, targeted, and offers significant ROI.

Brands that dedicate 15% or more of their media budget to OOH see the benefits of:

Circle graphic with 24% in the middle.

increase in brand trust

Circle graphic with 106% in the middle.

increase in perception of brand quality

Circle graphic with 275% in the middle.

lift in customer loyalty

Ready to Get Started with Screen Edge Advertising?

Maximize Commercial ROAS, Capture Customer Attention, and Influence Brand Selection

Limitless Options, High Audience Engagement

The average consumer spends 1-second looking at an ad. The content displayed on televisions and digital screens captures consumer attention.

Edge Media advertising extends exposure to your message beyond one second for minutes and even hours by placing your advertising adjacent to televisions or digital displays in commercial establishments.

Two men are watching a game on a TV that has screen edge advertising on it.

Careers with Edge

Ready for a career change? Our sales team is looking for motivated individuals who are interested in WFH, Flexible and High-Commision opportunities.