Let’s Talk Screen Edge Advertising

High-Impact Advertising That Demands Attention

Screen Edge Advertising is a form of Out of Home Advertising in which materials of any type, orientation, or size are affixed to the edge of displays.

Screen Edge Advertising is “always on” and in line-of-sight of the viewer.

The Benefits of
Screen Edge Advertising

Constant brand/message exposure

Advertising is line-of-sight and demands attention

Counters device distraction better than other physical marketing

Reaches consumers where they are already spending

Maximize consumer engagement

Low cost and easy deployment

Patented Technology

Edge Media Systems owns the US and Canadian patents for advertising placed along the edge of digital screens.

Applicable media placements include:

POS Systems
Any and all digital displays

Grocery Stores
Bars and Restaurants
Transit Terminals
Professional Offices
Any and all

Our Patented Technology Turns the Space Adjacent to Digital Screens Into Revenue-Producing Advertising Space

Retail & Grocery

Fitness & Gyms

Bars & Restaurants

Other Commercial

Short attention spans in a digital world present challenges for advertisers.

7 hours

Average screen time per day

10 -20

Average seconds spent in a website session

Optimal line of sight placement

Screen edge catches the viewers attention in places traditional OOH advertising cannot.